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AAHM exhibits 2014-2017: Welcome

Created in collaborative partnership by Brynndah Hicks-Turnbo and Kathy Carter



· Stamp of Excellence: African American Commemorative Stamp Exhibit, L200, west wall.

· Selected Stamps, enlarged, and mounted reproductions, 26 pieces.

Stamp of Excellence: African American Commemorative Stamp Contest

· Stamp of Excellence: African American Commemorative Stamp Exhibit Slideshow.

Contents: The Exhibit, Civil Rights, Athletics, Historic, The Arts.



               ·     Land & Sea: Black Identity in the Caribbean, The Photography of Giraud Polite. L200 west wall.

                       Photographs (16) , framed and mounted.

·     Celebrating a Century Of Black Life, History and Culture: The Visual Arts Slideshow  L200 window.

          Contents: Paintings, and Historical Events, by decade, 1900 - 2010.



            · A Piece of my Soul: Traditions of African American Quilts Exhibit. Courtney Pickens, Event Coordinator.       

                    Quilts (8). Faculty and Staff  contributors.

· The Student Movement in Civil Rights History: Hallowed Grounds, Sites of African American Memories Timeline,  L200 lounge area.         

Contents: parallel time lines, Civil Rights Movement, Student Movement, Today (Historical Markers, Monuments, Museums  exhibits)

· Standing Up for the Right to Sit Down: The Student Led  Sit-in Movement, 1955-1963 Prezi, L200 window.  

             Contents:  Year, Location on map of USA, related images.




· No Matter the Crisis or Storm… Education Institutions Were Born, Slide Show L200, lounge area.

Contents: 1787 - 2014 historical events by  decade.

· Historically Black Colleges and Universities Timeline.

Contents: Institutional profiles by founding date.

              · HBCU 10 to WIN Quiz

Black History Month 2018

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