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Environmental Biology: Environmental Biology Reading List

Reading List


Most items available at the Eastfield College Library.

1) The Burning Season: The murder of Chico Mendes and the fight for the Amazon River Forest   Andrew Revkin  2004

2) Man and Nature: Or physical geography modified by human action George P. Marsh, David Lowenthal, Williams Cronon: 2003

3) Native Texas Plants: Landscaping region by region Sally Wasowski 2002

4) An Inconvenient Truth: The planetary emergency of global warming and what we can do about it Al Gore 2006

5) Collapse : How societies choose to fail or succeed Diamond, Jared M. 2005

6) Lost mountain : A year in the vanishing wilderness : radical strip mining and the devastation of Appalachia Reece, Erik 2007, c2006

7) Keeping a nature journal: Discover a whole new way of seeing the world around you    Leslie, Clare Walker 2003

8) Unstoppable global warming: Every 1,500 years Singer, S. Fred 2008

9) Global warming and climate change DeMYSTiFied  Silver, Jerry 2008

10) The discovery of global warming Weart, Spencer R. 2008

14) Earth, the sequel: The race to reinvent energy and stop global warming  Krupp, Fred 2008

15) The myth of the oil crisis: Overcoming the challenges of depletion, geopolitics, and global warming Mills, Robin M. 2008

16) The hot topic: What we can do about global warming  Walker, Gabrielle  2008

17) Under a green sky: Global warming, the mass extinctions of the past, and what they mean for our future Ward, Peter Douglas 2007

18) Storm world: Hurricanes, politics, and the battle over global warming  Mooney, Chris  2007

19) Meltdown: The predictable distortion of global warming by scientists, politicians, and the media  Michaels, Patrick J. 2004

20) Greenhouse: The 200-year story of global warming  Christianson, Gale E. 1999

21) Turning off the heat: Why America must double energy efficiency to save money and reduce global warming Casten, Thomas R.  1998

22) What is the impact of e-waste?  Edited by Cynthia A. Bill  2009

23) The long thaw: How humans are changing the next 100,000 years of Earth's climate Archer, David 2009

24) Six degrees: our future on a hotter planet  Lynas, Mark 2008

25) Hell on earth: the wildfire pandemic  Porter, David L. 2008

26) The great warming : climate change and the rise and fall of civilizations Fagan, Brian M. 2008

27) U.S. national debate topic 2008-2009: Alternative energy  Edited by Paul McCaffrey 2008

28) Water supply Edited by Richard Joseph Stein   2008

29) Apollo's fire : Igniting America's clean-energy economy Inslee, Jay 2008 

30) With speed and violence: Why scientists fear tipping points in climate change   Pearce, Fred 2007

31) Will the world run out of fresh water?  Edited by Debra A. Miller  2007

32) Field notes from a catastrophe: Man, nature, and climate change Kolbert, Elizabeth  2006

33) The little green handbook: Seven trends shaping the future of our planet Nielsen, Ron  2006

35) Are the world's coral reefs threatened? Edited by Charlene Ferguson 2005

36) Outgrowing the earth: The food security challenge in the age of falling water tables and rising temperatures Brown, Lester Russell  2004

37) Endangered oceans: Opposing viewpoints Edited by Louise I. Gerdes 2009

38) World at risk: A global issues sourcebook. 2002

39) Global connections: America's role in the 21st century  Felton, John  2002

41) Silent spring  Carson, Rachel 2002, c1962

42)  1 dead in attic: After Katrina Chris Rose 2007


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