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Eastfield College Library User Policies

Guidelines for Learning Commons Computer Use


The Eastfield College Learning Commons provides computing resources to support the research and educational needs of students, faculty, and staff at Eastfield College and any of the other Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) campuses. The Learning Commons has a limited number of additional computers available to adult members of the neighboring community. The following guidelines convey acceptable use of computers in the Learning Commons. All users are expected to adhere to these guidelines in addition to the DCCCD Computer Use Policy, the DCCCD Code of Student Conduct, and the Guidelines for Minors in the Learning Commons.


  • All DCCCD students, faculty, and staff have access to Learning Commons computers. Eastfield College students have priority.
  • Learning Commons computers require a log-in and are available for four-hour sessions. Sessions can be renewed through Learning Commons staff, dependent on availability.
  • A limited number of Learning Commons computers do not require a log-in and are available to community users as well as students, faculty, and staff on a first come, first served basis. Students have priority.
  • All Learning Commons computers are primarily for research and educational purposes.
  • Learning Commons computers may not be used for commercial purposes or any act listed under the “Misuse of Learning Commons Computers” section of these guidelines.
  • Students working on course-related assignments and research are given priority. During periods of high demand, users using Learning Commons computers for recreational purposes may be asked to relinquish their computer.
  • Learning Commons computers are intended to support the college curricula of adult learners as well as the principles of intellectual freedom and the Library Bill of Rights. Learning Commons computers provide users with unfiltered Internet access. Users access the Internet at their discretion and take full responsibility for their activities on Learning Commons computers.
  • Per the DCCCD Computer Use Policy, viewing “obscenity, child pornography, and the use of harassment based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, age, religion, or sex” is considered a criminal act and is strictly prohibited.
  • Users are expected to be considerate of other users and should refrain from turning on the Learning Commons computer’s sound. Should the user require sound, they must use their personal headphones or checkout headphones from the Media & Reserve desk.
  • Per the DCCCD Computer Use Policy, “users have a lessened expectation of privacy when using computer resources and facilities owned by public institutions such as the College District.”
  • It is recommended that users save documents to an external drive (e.g., USB flash drive) as Learning Commons computers are programmed to clear documents saved to the computer at the end of each user session.
  • Users are prohibited from downloading and/or installing unapproved software onto Learning Commons computers.
  • Users needing to print can utilize the Pay-for-Print System. The Learning Commons does not offer free or complimentary printing.
  • Learning Commons printers are turned off 10 minutes prior to closing.
  • Users may have drinks in closed containers by Learning Commons computers. Drinks in open containers and food by Learning Commons computers is strongly discouraged.
  • Adults accompanied by minors are expected to follow the Guidelines for Minors in the Learning Commons.

Misuse of Learning Commons Computers

Use of Learning Commons computers is a privilege, not a right. The Learning Commons reserves the right to amend or terminate computer use privileges of any user who:

  • Violates the Guidelines for Learning Commons Computer Use;
  • Violates state and/or federal laws;
  • Uses Learning Commons computers to harasses others, including sexual harassment;
  • Intentionally damages computer equipment and/or software;
  • Violates software and/or database license agreements;
  • Tampers with or attempts to tamper with computer and/or network systems, including computer security systems; and/or
  • Uses Learning Commons computers for illegal activities.

Users who violate any of these conditions may also be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. 


Effective Date: 04/2013
Revision Date: 10/2019


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