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The Eastfield College Library is CLOSED for in-person visits due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Visit the Library's COVID-19 & Remote Learning guide or contact a librarian for more information.

Library Policies

Eastfield College Library User Policies

Guidelines for Elevator Usage


The Eastfield College Library is accessible by elevator from the first and third floors of the L Building. Access via the elevator is available during the Library’s operating hours but may occasionally be unavailable for maintenance reasons. The elevator is not equipped with a security gates and therefore, is not meant to be used as an exit to prevent the loss of library materials. The following guidelines are intended to convey acceptable elevator use. Library users who wish to use the elevator are expected to abide by these guidelines.


  • All library users may enter the Library using the elevator but must exit through the front doors. The elevator is not an exit.
  • Library staff may grant certain individuals permission to exit the library via the elevator. This permission is not guaranteed and must be granted each visit. See Exceptions.
  • All library users must pass through the Library’s security gates before exiting, regardless of whether they physically exit through the front doors or the elevator.


  • Eastfield College faculty and staff may be granted permission to exit via the elevator.
  • Delivery personnel may be granted permission to exit via the elevator.
  • Persons with disabilities may be granted permission to exit via the elevator, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). An individual directly assisting and/or minor children accompanying the person with a disability may also be permitted to exit via the elevator.


Effective Date: 11/2013
Revision Date: 02/2017

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