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Speech 1311 - Forrest: Inspirational


I. Introduction

    A. Gain attention of audience

    B. Relate to audience

    C. Statement of main purpose

    D. Preview first main idea

    E. Preview second main idea

II. Body

     A. First main idea

         1. Support

         2. Support

         3. Support

    B. Second main idea

         1. Support

         2. Support

         3. Support

III. Conclusion

       A. Summary of main ideas

       B. Closing remarks

What is an Inspirational Speech?

Martin Luther Kind I Have a Dream

The purpose of an inspirational speech is to cause the audience to feel excited, motivated, encouraged or uplifted. The speaker must use such nonverbal characteristics as tone of voice, posture and facial expressions along with words to inspire the audience to have a winning attitude.

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