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1 Dead in Attic: Disaster

Eastfield Common Book 2010-2011


 spray paint information on building in New Orleans about inhabitants of building


"I drive around and try to figure out those Byzantine markings and symbols that the cops and the National Guard spray-painted on all the houses around here, cryptic communications that tell the story of who or what was or wasn’t inside the house when the floodwater rose to the ceiling.

 In some cases, there’s no interpretation needed. There’s one I pass on St. Roch Avenue in the 8th Ward at least once a week. It says: 1 DEAD IN ATTIC.

 That certainly sums up the situation. No mystery there.

 It’s spray-painted there on the front of the house, and it probably will remain spray-painted there for weeks, months, maybe years, a perpetual reminder of the untimely passing of a citizen, a resident, a New Orleanian.

 One of us."


Chris Rose

1 Dead in Attic, p. 57



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