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Asian-Pacific American Studies: Home

Asian and Pacific Island American History, Culture & Arts

Asian & Pacific Island Countries

Far East/East Asia

China • Hong Kong (China) • Japan • Macau • Mongolia • North Korea • South Korea • Taiwan 

Indian Subcontinent/South Asia

Afghanistan • Bangladesh • Bhutan • India Maldives • Nepal • Pakistan • Sri Lanka

Southeast Asia

Brunei • Cambodia • East Timor • Indonesia • Laos • Malaysia • Myanmar • Philippines • Singapore • Thailand • Vietnam

Pacific Islands/Oceania

American Samoa (United States) • Ashmore and Cartier Islands (Australia) • Australia • Christmas Island (Australia) • Coco (Keeling) Islands (Australia) • Cook Islands (New Zealand) • Coral Sea Islands (Australia) • Easter Island (Chile) • Federated States of Micronesia • Fiji Islands • French Polynesia (France) • Guam (United States) • Hawaii (United States) • Kiribati • Maluku Islands (Indonesia) • Marshall Islands • Nauru • New Caledonia (France) • New Zealand • Niue (New Zealand) • Norfolk Island (Australia) • Northern Mariana Islands (United States) • Palau • Papua (Indonesia) • Papua New Guinea • Pitcairn Islands (United Kingdom) • Samoa • Solomon Islands • Tokelau (New Zealand) • Tonga • Tuvalu • Vanuatu • Wallis and Futuna (France) • West Papua (Indonesia) • Wake Island (United States)

*** For more information on each country, click here.

Asian-Pacific Americans

(Source: Library of Congress)

Who Are Asian-Pacific Americans?

Asian-Pacific Americans are a distinctive group comprised of immigrants and the descendants of immigrants from the Far East (i.e., East Asia), Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands (i.e., Oceania), and the Indian subcontinent (i.e., South Asia). While Asian-Pacific Americans share much in common, they each have their own histories, cultures, and languages, among other unique characteristics.


(Source: Pew Research Center)

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