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Environmental Biology: Environmental Biology

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What can I do with a degree in Environmental Science?

Environmental Scientists

Environmental scientists and specialists use their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the environment by identifying problems and finding solutions that minimize hazards to the health of the environment and the population. They analyze measurements or observations of air, food, water, and soil to determine the way to clean and preserve the environment. Understanding the issues involved in protecting the environment—degradation, conservation, recycling, and replenishment—is central to the work of environmental scientists.

Many environmental scientists do work and have training that is similar to other physical or life scientists, but they focus on environmental issues. Many specialize in subfields such as environmental ecology and conservation, environmental chemistry, environmental biology, or fisheries science.

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Job Outlook

Much faster than average growth is projected for this occupation in the U.S. Much job growth will result from a continued need to monitor the quality of the environment, to interpret tne impact of human actions on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and to deveolp strategies for restoring ecosystems. In addition, environmental scientists will be needed to help planners develop and construct buildings, transprotation corridors and utilities that protect water recources and reflect efficient and beneficial land use.

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Related Occupations

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  • Environmental Policy, Planning, and Management
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