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Copy of 1 Library Training: Accessibility


Goal: To be ADA compliant by April 1, 2020

1st Goal: July 5th for libguides

  • All pictures/images will have alt tags 
  • All tables & charts will have alt tags
  • Every link will be descriptive & meaningful

2nd Goal: 

  • All documents will be accessible  (Should this be a separate goal?)
  • Color, contrast, & backgrounds will be checked & changed if necessary for accessibility on libguides. 
  • All videos will have closed captioning & transcripts
  • All tables & charts will be accessibility

3rd Goal: 

  • Add heading tags to libguides when needed
  • Check for Applets, Scripts, Extensions, & plugins (we may not have any)
  • Document which publisher content is not accessible 

4th Goal:

  • All PDFs will be accessible

5th Goal:

  • Run accessibility checker on libguides & fix any issues that are listed

Instructions for Goals

Libguides Checklist

Spreadsheet - Google Docs 

Accessibility Information

Report an Online Accessibility Issue