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Authors of Eastfield: Authors A - G

This guide celebrates the literary and visual arts scholarship of the faculty and staff at Eastfield College. Authors and artists are listed alphabetically by surname.

Published Authors A - G

Saeed Ahmad

Don Baynham
Retired Assoc. Vice President, Career & Program Resource       

Nancy Beaver
Social Sciences

Courtney Brazile

Arts and Communications

Laura Carr

Arts and Communications

Gail Caruth
Institutional Research

Cindy Castaneda
Social Sciences

Glenn Chicoine
Social Sciences

Jean Conway
President of Eastfield College

Chuck Dale
Retirement Career Technology

Published Authors A - G

David Danforth
Arts and Communications

Judith Dumont
Arts and Communications

Eges Egedigwe

John Emery 

Brenda Floyd 
Arts and Communications

John A. Garcia
Arts and Communications

Kevin Giles
Career Technologies

Donna Gormly
Retired Arts and Communications

Thomas Graca
Former VP of
Institutional and Organizational Development

Michael Gutierrez
Academic Affairs and Student Success

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