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Speech 1311 - Forrest: Home

Is this you?

Cartoon depicting the fear of presenting

You Mean I have to stand up and say something in front of the class?

Required Textbook for Speech 1311

The Meaning of Communication

Communication is the sharing of meaning, by involving relationships with others along with reactions to situations, either day-to-day, business and social.

Olson & Forrest

Basic Outline

1. Introduction of the Speech

      a. Gain the Audience Attention

      b. Relate to the Audience

      c. Statement of Main Purpose

      d. Preview Main Ideas

2. Body of the Speech

      a. Main Idea

          i.  Supporting material

          ii. Supporting material

       b. Main Idea

           i.  Supporting material

           ii. Supporting material

3. Conclusion

      a. Summary of Main Ideas

      b. Closing Remarks

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