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SPCH 1311 - Forrest: Entertainment


I. Introduction

    A. Gain attention of audience

    B. Relate to audience

    C. Statement of main purpose

    D. Preview first main idea

    E. Preview second main idea

II. Body

     A. First main idea

         1. Support

         2. Support

         3. Support

    B. Second main idea

         1. Support

         2. Support

         3. Support

   C. Third main idea

         1. Support

         2. Support

         3. Support

         4. Support

III. Conclusion

       A. Summary of main ideas

       B. Closing remarks

What is an Entertainment Speech?

An entertainment speech can be informative, stimulating, convincing and even humorous as long as the goal is not aim of the speaker. Organize your thoughts in an entertaining way so that the audience can see a pattern of thought has been developed yet should not feel that they must recall facts or consider changes in behavior. Approach this type of speech with objectivity and less emotion unlike a serious speech.


  • Women
  • Dating
  • TV commercials
  • Getting married
  • Parenting
  • Family
  • School
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