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Copy of 1 Library Training: Alma - Circulation


ERSS Contact: Location code changes and donations

WEST ID Card Machine

1)  Please notify Norm Howden immediately by email or phone if there is a problem with the ID Card system!

2)  The manual for the printer is located at:  P:\LIB\Computer Stuff\IDCardSystems

Norman Howden
214-716-9037 cell

In-House Use

Circulation during COVID Pandemic (plan as of 1/14/2021)

Circulation/Course Reserves Reopening Plan: Only textbooks, calculators, laptops and models will be available for check-out.  Items may only be used inside the library.  After an item is returned the item will be checked in and will need to be quarantined for 3 days. Items that can be cleaned will be sanitized at time of turn-in. Sticky notes will be utilized to ensure that items are quarantined the correct length of time.  Once bans are lifted, other items will be allowed to check-out normally. -- based on Eastfield Library policy document

Inter College Loans (ICL)

ICL Stats are done by Derek Reece at ERSS annually.  ICL stats are in a different format with Alma.

He reports them for the Library Director’s e.g.  ICL Count Sept 2017 - August 2018.

 It is listed under the Library Directors folder in Analytics.

Alma Video Training Spreadsheet

Alma Sandbox

The sandbox is an Alma system that allows us to play with Alma and try it out. Part of the training includes using a test system or sandbox. After staff has watched the videos for the week and completed any assignments or exercises, they can login to the sandbox and try out what they learned. It does not have our records in it. That will come later. This is just for training and getting used to the look and feel of Alma, and discovering. The login and passwords are in the attached file. Review the file for an appropriate login and have fun.

Course Reserve - General

Changing Item to temporary Location in Alma

Creating a List in a Location Code

Creating a list in ALMA Analytics

Reuse existing list in ALMA analytics.

Choose Analytics in top BLUE bar.

Click on Design analytics

Click on Catalog in the Dashboard

Under Shared Folders and Dallas County Community College

Choose Reports and El Centro

Choose a previous report such as lbrow to change the location

Choose OPEN or EDIT and change the location code


To Export to Ecel choose More, then Export, then Excel 2007+

Dummy Bookends

Report an Online Accessibility Issue